What do you want to be for Halloween

The Connection Between Salsa Dancing & Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and while I was walking from Davis Square to my house today I over heard a couple talking about costumes. The girl was asking: What do you want to be for Halloween? The guy didn’t know yet… I’m sure you’re getting these types of questions already, and it’s a…

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How Dancing Salsa Can Help You In Your Regular Life.002

How Dancing Salsa Can Help You In Your Regular Life

When I started college at Boston University, I had one goal in mind; to become an amazing entrepreneur; someone who is solid, and able to move the hearts of men. The question I had was, what would it take to get there? What could help me? The goal was abstract, and would take a lifetime…

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What it Takes to Perform (Part 1)

Watch This Video of Angela and I Practicing First: It’s been over a year since Angela and I performed Este Ritmo Sabroson at Enigma Salsa in Harvard Square. The routine took us a couple of months to create, perfect, and bring to life. We performed it once. Some might say all the work we put…

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The 7 Secrets of Salsa Dancing.001

The 7 Secrets of Salsa Dancing Learned from 8+ years of experience

It’s been over 8 years since I started learning how to dance Salsa. Over the years, I have found that the more context I get around Salsa dancing the better I become as a dancer, and the more well rounded my students get. Today I’m going to share the 7 secrets of Salsa dancing almost…

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One Dance – A Poem About Salsa Dancing

A few yeas ago, I was on my way to salsa practice at the dance studio, and I just was struck with the inspiration to write this poem. It was a tough day for me, and to say the least I was not really feeling my best, but I knew I had to go to…

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