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How Dancing Salsa Can Help You In Your Regular Life

When I started college at Boston University, I had one goal in mind; to become
an amazing entrepreneur; someone who is solid, and able to move the hearts of

The question I had was, what would it take to get there? What could help me?

The goal was abstract, and would take a lifetime to master, but I knew there had
to be a way I could move closer to being the person I want to become. I looked
at what was going on in my life, and the areas where I needed a change and the
topic that kept coming up during that time was: Learn to lead.

Learn to lead, huh?

I was 18 years old, just entered college, had a few failed businesses under my
belt and had very little money to make something happen.

After a while, it hit me…leading, is leading, is leading.

If I can lead someone on the dance floor and connect with them on a deep level
then it should translate to other areas of my life. A level where whoever I’m
dancing with enjoys my lead and gives me their trust.

I learned the importance of decisiveness, respect, trust, preparation, empathy,
and compassion.

It was a different kind of learning, far more then just reading a book, it was

“I have lead people, and have been lead, and now understand for
myself.” – Ulrich Inge

The concepts of leading become a part of you, and because I’ve been dancing for
over 8 years I have personal stories and experience that give me a certain dept
when I’m with people.

Salsa dancing opens up this world where the concepts of leadership become
obvious. However, it does much more then just help leaders, it can help you
overcome any blocks in your life.

I was reading a blog post by Micaela Kimball and she mentions how dancing
complements what we do in our daily lives.

Micaela is a writer, and she believes Salsa dancing is its own writing process…

“ I began to see dancing as its own writing process-that is, as a way to
communicate and tell stories through bodies. Dancing taught me how to get out of
my head and into my body when writing. I began to see my body just as, if not
more important as using my head as a source of knowledge and ideas to “write”
with. “

You can take the analogy to a more personal level by seeing everything in our
life as a process.

Going to work, and doing a good job is a process
Painting a work of art is a process
Driving a car from point A to point B is a process
Writing a high quality article is a process
Learning anything new is a process

Whatever you’re pursuing in your life, there are times when you get “writers
block,” or in this more general case “process block.”

You can’t move forward, feel stuck, and are struggling to make progress with
your project. Often times, you’re mind is going crazy as you start grabbing at
straws and find yourself actually grabbing thin air.

This “process block” is common, but as Micaela mentioned, and I agree with her…
dancing can help us move freely and move passed these mental blocks by learning
to communicate through our body.

Dancing Salsa stimulates the brain, creates happy chemicals in the body, and
gives you some cardio work while you’re at it.

As you learn to let go, and connect with your partners on the dance floor you
learn to do the same at work or on a personal project.

It’s liberating to know that once you learn to dance you can now communicate
using your body. You’ll have a greater awareness of the space your in, and the
emotions people around you are feeling.

This empathy will translate to being able to connect with people, experiences,
and yourself on a deeper level.

What is your writing process?
Do you ever feel stuck, or overwhelmed by the blank page?

Salsa dancing offers you the opportunity to use your body, to get out of your

Once you’re no longer getting in your own way or trying to force things to
happen, you’ll give your ideas or problems space to germinate.

Your subconscious will begin working on your behalf, and all the brain capacity
doctors say we don’t use will get a chance to participate behind the scenes.

While you’re dancing you’ll often get brilliant ideas, concepts, and insights
that seem obvious once they’re revealed to you. All because you gave yourself the space to
breath, and woke up your body so it could participate in the creative process.

I don’t know what you’re working on, or what you would like to get out of
learning to dance Salsa. However, I can guarantee that if you take classes, go
to social events, meet new people, and just learn to write with your body,
you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I started dancing because I wanted to become a leader in business, but I’m happy
to report that learning to dance Salsa will impact every area of your life.



PS: You can read Micaela’s article here: