Get Your Sexy On: 4 Ways to Create Your Own Salsa Style

Whether you are new to the Salsa dance floor or an old pro a common concern is how to create or maintain your own Salsa style.

Before I get into this post it is important to recognize that although we strive to create our own style  it is never really uniquely our own. There are dancers, musicians, movies, music and other  areas which influence us greatly. We take and borrow from these sources and then mold them to fit our bodies and develop what comes to feel like our own.

This is normal and is nothing to feel guilty about. I just figured I would preface my writing with the understanding that all great artists borrow or steal (haha) from each other :)

Fawakaa: Solid Base in Salsa Technique

4. Solid Base in Salsa Technique

In order to create your own style you must first have a strong foundation in technique. This is the same among all artists, whether you are an opera singer, painter or writer. I recommend choosing one style of Salsa and sticking with the same teacher or at least the same style for a solid year. This allows you to fully absorb the technique and see the progress and improvements you have made. You want to be dancing a little bit each day or at least consistently each week. If you are learning a new language you must practice each day and it is the same with Salsa. Once you have the solid technique you will have more freedom and be closer to creating your own style.

Fawakaa: Dance with everyone!


3. Dance with Everyone! (Anywhere) 

When understanding your own style as a dancer it is important to learn from your colleagues and other dancers on the dance floor. Each dancer brings their own background and by dancing with them you get a taste of a different way of moving. You can consider social dancing like a more laid back dance class where you can pick up on new moves or styles without even realizing. If you are conscious of the benefits you receive while social dancing in creating your own style I’m sure you will have more fun and be more aware of your partner.

Know Who You Are

2. Know who you are

Okay, so “knowing who you are” may be a bit vague and of course we change over time, but I mean this in the simplest way possible. Just understand how Salsa makes you feel and how you want to express these feelings. Maybe you are a playful person and like to take that personality trait on the dance floor. Maybe you like to be protective and dominant and on the dance floor you make that a priority. Knowing who you are allows you to be okay with how you express yourself and not wanting to dance like someone else all the time. Again, we always take from others, but once you take you make it your own and don’t need to dwell on the fact that you don’t dance exactly as someone else does. Making your own style means that you know it suits you and feel comfortable with it.

Dance classes

1. Take Other Dance and Movement Classes

I chose this as reason #1 because when you are able to dance styles other than Salsa it opens up a whole new world. Any dance or movement class will help you improve your salsa in some way.

Here are some examples that I have found helpful:

  • yoga
  • hip hop
  • tango
  • samba
  • cha cha
  • Zumba
  • ballet
  • bachata
  • belly dancing
  • flamenco

All dances are connected and will challenge your body in different ways. When you see dancers who are very smooth and flowing it is most likely that they dance many styles. I am not saying that you should invest tons of money in dance classes, but be open to the fact that other styles will improve your Salsa dancing and help you create your own style and movements. Also, sometimes we train so much in one style that a short or long break is necessary. Think of it like any relationship, sometimes time a apart allows you to grow closer. It is the same with Salsa.   Challenge yourself and go beyond the list of styles I have listed here.

When creating our own style we must remember that we each are individuals and bring something unique to the Salsa dance floor. Use these tips if you find them helpful and never stop dancing!

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