How We Do Things

The Fawakaa Way

The Fawakaa Dance System is a holistic approach to learning to dance Salsa and the art of improvisation in a structured, organized, and easy way that allows each partner to connect on a deeper level. It incorporates mindfulness, and the importance of stillness while moving to music.

The Fawakaa Dance System includes a structured syllabus which will help you understand where you have been and where you are going in your Salsa dancing journey.

This syllabus will be your guide as you learn to dance Salsa and it will help us determine if you are ready to move to the next Cycle. By knowing what you need to learn, and practice you are better able to focus your efforts and get to the next level faster.

At the end of each Cycle, we hold an evaluation day.

You will be expected to teach what you have learned and demonstrate to the group that you understand what was taught before you can move to the next cycle in the system. We give you a copy of the syllabus so you know what you need to understand before you’re allowed to go to the next Cycle.

During the classes you’ll hear us talk about the process of learning, and I’m sure you’re aware that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it. When you teach someone else, you get a deeper understanding of the dance and quickly find out where you need to focus your time to get better.


Our Philosophy for students:
“Learn to Teach; Teach to Know; Know to Share; Share with Passion”

Let me explain…

If you want to learn something you have to teach it; Once you teach something you will begin to know it; and if you know something it is your responsibility to share it; when you share it, make sure you share it with passion…

Each lesson has a mission attached to it, and you can consider each mission as a spark notes version of what you can expect to be evaluated on when a cycle ends.