One Dance – A Poem About Salsa Dancing

A few yeas ago, I was on my way to salsa practice at the dance studio, and I just was struck with the inspiration to write this poem. It was a tough day for me, and to say the least I was not really feeling my best, but I knew I had to go to practice.

I was sitting in the Davis Square MBTA station, on the side railing near the south stairs.

There were very few people around and I was feeling a bunch of stuff. Next thing I knew, the following poem came out of me. I love to dance salsa and more than the dancing I love to improve as a dancer.

I dance in order to inspire people, to share what I am, and to become an overall better person. I’ve learned a lot from dancing salsa and I hope that you can garner some of the lessons from the poem.

One Dance:

One dance
That’s all it takes
One dance
The dance of faith
Both sensual and full of grace
First a request
Then a new place
One of joy and a steady pace
Upon each step we join together
Each one forward, back and then together
We move as one in unison
Though follower and leader,
Each is needed for the future
Give and take, yet none is lost
Upon a right turn we will trust
Continue counting as you step
For as the sun does rise
Do we surely trust, that once again we shall return to one.