Introducing Salsa Dance Classes designed to help you connect with more people on a deeper level

Salsa dance classes at the Fawakaa Dance Company are based on the Fawakaa Dance System.

The system offers an unprecedented opportunity to learn the most important elements to feeling great with your partner on the dance floor. It is neatly organized into 6 cycles that can dramatically boost the confidence you have while dancing, have more people complimenting you, and have more people want to dance with you if you choose.

We will give you everything you need for practical application starting immediately in cycle #1 but, do not think of this like just another Salsa dance class…

It is highly structured and requires consistent attendance to make progress.

Fawakaa Dance Company Trailer during the launch

Here is what a typical class would look like in the studio:

As you walk in to the studio a few minutes early we would all get together and prepare for the warm up. Some people change their shoes, others just get their water bottles ready in case they get thirsty and the majority of students are just getting to know each other and making friends.

Fawakaa Salsa Dance Classes are broken down
into an 8 part structure.

Warm Up
Concept of the day

Moment of Stillness

  • 1


    In order to get the most out of a dance class it is important that we get your body ready to move. We go through a lot of drama and baggage during the day. This part of the class is designed to help us destress and wake our bodies up from the anxiety, numbness and heaviness we may be carrying with us before entering the studio.

  • 2


    The word “waka” comes from Sranan Tongo and means “walk.” During this part of the class we play songs from many different genres just to begin developing a connection between the music and your body. The purpose of the waka is to feel the music and allow your body to express itself freely based on what you hear. Once you can resonate with the feeling of any song you’ll have the tools you need to begin adding that something special to your dancing that goes beyond just doing cool moves.

  • 3


    Each lesson in the Fawakaa Dance System comes with a specific concept to help facilitate the learning process and help you become a dancer who doesn’t just understand what to do, but more importantly why we’re doing it. When you know why you’re doing something, it takes on a whole new meaning and you can see the big picture beyond just today. You’ll learn how music is structured, how to count the music, ways of holding hands, the roles of leaders and followers, the #5 connection, and the power of palm placement while dancing. There’s a lot more, and as you progress through the system you’ll become a well rounded dancer who can go to any social dance night and feel comfortable and confident.

  • 4


    Dancing with a partner is not different from dancing alone. Before you can dance with someone in front of you, you need to understand your role in the dance. What are your feet doing? What do you do with your hands? What is the timing in the music? When can I turn, or do some styling? By learning footwork and placing a strong emphasis on footwork we prepare you for partnerwork. It’s been a common problem in the Salsa dance scene where students complain that they cannot improve because they do not have a partner to practice with and during this session we share principles, concepts, and movements that you can carry over into partnering. If you only master footwork, you would easily be able to become strong in partner dancing. However, if you skip footwork, then there is no hope for you no matter what you tell yourself.

  • 5


    This is where we pair up with leaders and followers and apply the concepts of the day with someone in front of you. We place a greater emphasis on connecting with your partner first before trying to do anything else. You need to be able to feel your partner, read your partner, and build an instant trust with your partner in order to have an amazing experience on the dance floor. During this part of the class we guide you in the direction of being able to connect on a deep level with your partner. Through trust, respect, and constant awareness of each other you’ll be amazed at what two random people can feel while dancing together.

  • 6/7


    The Fawakaa Dance System stresses the importance of repetition and practicing. We don’t want you getting stuck in your head, and we don’t want to talk the whole time. It is extremely important that you just dance, and move as best you can according to the guidance we give you. This is the main element to internalizing what you learn every day and completing your mission for the day.

  • 8


    This is where we let go of whatever happened during the class and clear our minds in order to begin the next part of our day.

Each lesson in the Fawakaa System comes with a mission. The mission is what we intend to accomplish during our time together. Since the system is a structured process of learning how to dance.

It addresses multiple intelligences and is tailored to each person’s preferred method of gathering information. The mission allows us to keep an eye on what we’ve come to do while we’re hitting all the different ways of communicating the same lesson.

Learn How to Dance Salsa using the Fawakaa Dance System

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