The Fawakaa Dance System

This is our new comprehensive program, that can transform your dancing by giving you the secrets to creating powerful experiences that come about spontaneously based on what music is playing.

The Fawakaa Dance system features in depth training, guidance, and implementation tools and templates for learning how to dance with passion and to develop a solid connection with your partner quickly and easily.

Before I describe everything in the system, I want to quickly answer two of the most common questions and comments I always get.

First, many people ask the"but, I'm different - Will this work for me?"question, one that so many use to disqualify themselves.

The answer is…

ABSOLUTELY it will work for you!

There are people in Boston, the Netherlands, Suriname and different cities around the US telling me that this system we've been teaching informally has helped them break free from the constraints of memorized moves and get the freedom you would expect from someone who is connected to the full dance experience.

They've used the principles and concepts learned from us, and many of them have gone to teach some of these themselves.

Our Fawakaa Dance System works for new dancers, long time dancers, people with two left feet and even students who can't hear the difference between Bachata and Salsa music.  Men, women, kids, seniors, brain surgeons, programmers, engineers, and doctors.

Our system can transform an existing dancer in to someone new and exciting, or can be used as the catalyst to speed up the progress of new beginners.

Regardless of where you are in your dancing journey, this system will get you focused on what is most important--Creating magic on the dance floor, that can be felt between both partners.

A connection of respect, intimacy, and surrender that goes beyond the daily grind of our daily lives.

To be fair, not everybody needs or is ready for every part of this system immediately; but, I'd rather you have more strategies, techniques and tools than you need, not less.

Everything in the system was learned from years of research and practice.


It is designed to shorten the learning curve and make learning Salsa easier and faster.

By condensing 8 years or so of struggle, trial and error and a combined 16 years of experience.

You don't need any dance background to get started. Ulrich did not start dancing  seriously until college, but, he hae raised himself to the top of the Salsa scene and you can too.

We've learned how to move and dance all because of the same tools you can now make your own

We have performed in Orlando, Connecticut, El Salvador, Cuba, the Netherlands, Philadelphia, Maine, and all the clubs in Boston.

We've taught in these places, and guided many different types of people to learn how to dance.

We've built our skillset all in large part to the system and tools you can now use as your own.

Dancing to the music and connecting with your partner is not something you're born with, it's a skill you can choose to possess. This is truly a system and toolkit anyone can use to rapidly improvise and create spontaneous moves on the dance floor based on the music.

What is the the Fawakaa Dance System:

It’s a holistic approach to learning to dance Salsa and the art of improvisation in a structured, organized, and easy way that allows each partner to connect on a deeper level. It incorporates mindfulness, and the importance of stillness while moving to music.

The Fawakaa Dance System includes a structured syllabus which will help you understand where you have been and where you are going in your Salsa dancing journey.

When I was learning to dance, it would drive me crazy not knowing what to practice, or how everything fits together, and the Fawakaa Syllabus will be your road map for making progress faster.

The syllabus is broken down into 6 parts
that we call cycles

Each cycle is designed around the principles of mastery.

The Mastery journey focuses on consistency and being prepared for what lies ahead. The journey is like a cycle, where we always find ourselves coming back to the fundamentals. It is a lack of understanding the Master's journey that causes many people to never finish what they start, or feel overwhelmed and give up when things seem to take too long to happen.

We will lay down a strong understanding of movement, and then break apart and assemble the dance from the beginning so you can understand the critical factors for creating your own moves and being spontaneous on the dance floor.

Each class will have a Waka movement period to help you break free from your mind and just dance.

In Ulrich’s mother tongue, Sranan Tongo waka means "walk"..

During this part of the system we want you to walk with us to the music, to dance spontaneously and do whatever your body wants to do. There are no mistakes while we go through the waka. It’s a time to experiment and find your own style.

During this part of the class you will develop the awareness required to move and feel the music that is playing. Your body will develop a resonance with songs that will transform the music into a physical expression.

As you're developing an understanding of music and connecting with the stories of each song, the system will guide you through the roles of being a world class leader and follower on the dance floor.

These yin and yang roles allow us to develop harmony with our partners so that everything we experience can be shared with respect. It’s about the conversation you have with your partner during the dance. While the leader talks, the follower listens and while the follower talks, the leader listens. This give and take creates a balance that will open up the door for doing whatever you want and having it feel amazing.

The core concept in every Cycle will revolve around
the Fawakaa Partner Dance Hand Holds.

Many students never learn this lesson because it goes against everything a teacher feels students want from a Salsa class, but it is the critical factor to breaking free from being dependent on combinations. It is here that we go in depth on the essentials to having a great connection and feeling strong on the dance floor.

This alone is drawn from training in workshops, dvds, coaching, private lessons, and courses we've paid thousands of dollars for.

But we want you to understand the full depth of the research we've put in to this. We have good reason to believe that this work can speed up the learning process.

We’ve studied the use of systems: multiple intelligences, influence, physics, sales, lifestyle coaching, dietary theories and languages.

All of this knowledge has been incorporated into the Fawakaa Dance system which has been broken down into 6 cycles.

6 Cycles

In Cycle 1 you will learn basic salsa moves and how to develop a connection with your partner.

In Cycle 2  we go in to the 6 turn pattern system which will help you break free from needing to memorize moves while social dancing.

In Cycle 3 you will learn inside secrets for improvisation that will make your dancing feel like fireworks on the 4th of July.

In Cycle 4 we reveal one of the golden keys to making all your dances memorable by using the power of stories.

When you begin to have dances filled with passion, freedom, and spontaneity it is essential to remember that during each dance we’re telling a story.

You’re either telling a love story, having a dramatic breakup, feeling playful, sad or telling a story about the most mundane activity like going fishing or churning butter.

You'll be able to use stories no matter what song is playing and connect with your partner and the music on a deeper level.

In the 5th Cycle you'll discover the flexibility you have to create and experience your own moves.

Think about how cool it would be if in 3 minutes you could make a few shifts and create an amazing experience with your partner.

Think about if in 3 minutes you can create a feeling that you're together, safe, and respect each other.

It's not only possible, but you'll be able to do it once you go through the 5th cycle of the Fawakaa System.

We will walk you through each element of connection, and guide you through a holistic approach to having empathy and respect for yourself and others.

You'll experience the freedom of being able to choose who you connect with, and you will be amazed in your new found dance floor super power after you go through the 5th Cycle in the Fawakaa System

This one piece of the system would take years to learn on your own, but let me zero in on the specific reason for you to use the complete Fawakaa Dance System and tool kit.

We've had a version of this happen many times, but we'll share just one story.

The story is about one of our students

Ulrich was teaching a woman by the name of Bella who felt trapped in a box and stuck in her head when dancing.

When he took her on as an apprentice for a few months to share all that he learned from his years as a dancer.

He focused on breaking her out of the box and showed her how all of the moves are connected to the music, and how to create new moves and combinations at will. She learned the 7 ways of holding hands, how instructors create new moves on the spot, and how to dance without worrying whether she was doing the “right” thing.

After these lessons she was able to dance freely and not be blocked by what she learned in the classroom.

She went from being nervous and always thinking she was doing something wrong to being confident and spontaneous with her moves, her partner and the music.

The Fawakaa Dance system is a condensed version of everything we’ve learned.

Just like putting pounds of fruits and veggies through one of those super juicers to deliver a glass of nothing but nutrients.

This is not to say that learning to dance Salsa will be as easy as drinking a glass of juice. You won't just gulp our system easily and quickly… you'll be fascinated by the Fawakaa System

You’ll need to immerse yourself in order to build your skills, health, and relationships.

You can quickly see more people saying “yes” to you more often and have a greater number of people looking for you on the dance floor

If you could get 5 times 10 times 20 times more fulfillment from your dancing and have a deeper connection, respect, and depth in every area of your life what would that be worth to you?

In social respect, acknowledgment, attention, in personal confidence, esteem, friendships health, fitness, and even pleasure?

If you were guaranteed the ability to break free from mechanical movements and capture the essence of being connected to your partner.

What would you pay for that super power?

While going through the system, you’ll learn all the pitfalls and struggles that everyone faces when learning something new. Through this course you’ll develop an understanding of the Master’s path and the personality traits that may be keeping you from truly enjoying everything you do.

We do not just want to teach you these secrets.
We want you to use them to dance in every area of your life.

To do that you need to bridge the gap between ideas and implementation and its a pretty big gap, but the Fawakaa system makes it fast and easy because it's the ultimate road map.

A complete process for understanding what is essential in partner dancing and how to improvise to almost any song that comes on.

Let me ask you, what made milkshake machine salesman Ray Kroc stop, look, and buy a hamburger stand run by two brothers named McDonalds?


They had developed a system that could be used by anyone to create a consistent product over and over again no matter who was running it.

As a dancer you need to wisely model this lesson.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel with every new skill you choose to learn. The surest, and fastest  way to become a world class Salsa dancer is to identify, acquire, and leverage proven dance concepts, blueprints, and mindsets to enable you and your partner to own the dance floor and feel liberated.

The system gives you a simple paint by number formula for Salsa dancing with a partner and on your own:

    • Turn Patterns
    • Hand Holds
    • Angles for the smoothest lead
    • Balance of Yin and Yang in Dancing
    • Stories
    • Confidence to dance on your own without a partner
    • and more

    It doesn't matter if you've never danced before, because this system will stick with you.

    The system includes everything you need for practical application starting immediately but, do not think of this like just another Salsa dance class.

    Think of this correctly as an unprecedented opportunity to learn the most important elements to feeling great with your partner on the dance floor neatly organized into 6 cycles that can dramatically boost the confidence you have while dancing, have more people complimenting you, and have more people want to dance with you if you choose.

    Would you rather know a bunch of cool moves and combinations or would you rather be able to connect on a deeper level with your partner so the dance feels special and amazing no matter what you do?

    The Fawakaa Dance System will give you all the cool moves and combinations, but it's not necessary on the dance floor. The real value will be in your new found ability to connect with anyone you want and have a solid emotional and physical experience with your dance partner.

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